WHPR Non-Profit Communications Audit

With more than 25 years of experience in public relations, marketing and communications on behalf of nonprofit organizations, associations and businesses, Weisman Hamlin Public Relations recognizes that the key to success is a firm foundation, a platform from which effective communications campaigns can be launched.

In order to build or enhance that foundation, it is critical to identify and evaluate the assets your organization has in place. WHPR offers the perfect tool for taking those vital measurements: The Communications Audit.

WHPR conducts a comprehensive evaluation of your existing communications systems and develops a complete report covering strengths and weaknesses. Upon completion, The WHPR Communications Audit delivers specific recommendations which will help your organization elevate its profile, drive its agenda, embrace and expand its support base and serve its mission more effectively.

WHPR Communications Audits are tailored to your organization. Our process is hands-on, personal and individual so that it addresses your unique requirements. WHPR Communications Audits typically include a wide-ranging yet carefully integrated exploration of:

Often, internal and external awareness of who you are and what you do can be clouded by messages which do not communicate information about your mission precisely. WHPR’s Communication Audit examines your mission statement, graphic presentations and – most importantly – perceptions held by those intimately familiar with your organization and those who do not know it well.

INTERNAL TOOLS – “The Tool Box Audit”
Every effective communications campaign begins inside the organization. The WHPR Communications Audit examines the tools you use to communicate with key internal audiences: – staff, volunteers, Board, membership, constituents and those you serve. The Tool Box audit carefully evaluates printed materials, meeting agendas, internal digital communications, formal and informal avenues of communication, chains of command.

To insure that the precise message you need to deliver is being delivered, The WHPR Communications Audit explores and evaluates the entire array of tools you use to communicate with your outside audiences, especially donors and potential donors: websites (often out of date and inconsistent with changes that have taken place since the site was launched), brochures, newsletters, fundraising and/or membership appeals, public events, action bulletins or alerts, public speaking, networking.

A sustained, focused media campaign can elevate your profile, educate the public, boost morale, generate support and introduce you to new avenues of support. The WHPR Communications Audit will evaluate media coverage past and present, evaluate the systems and processes which you use to generate media coverage. The Audit identifies potential new initiatives to generate coverage, assesses your capacity to provide media with all the elements essential to quality coverage (including written materials, message development and delivery, visual content, internal “expert” resources) and recommends procedures which support your media campaign.

The WHPR Communications Audit typically requires at least one month to complete and requires the active – although measured – participation of your organizations leadership (senior staff, volunteers, Board members, key donors/supporters and funders).

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WHPR is an award winning Los Angeles public relations agency which was founded in 1986. The agency has represented hundreds of nonprofits and associations across the full spectrum of issues and missions – housing, healthcare, fitness, civil rights & civil liberties, the arts, education, the environment and more. In addition to direct counsel and service, WHPR has trained nearly 1,000 nonprofit and association executives, staff, Board members and volunteers through its acclaimed Mastering The Media™ seminars and workshops.