Mastering The Media™ Workshops

If they don’t know who you are and what you do, they won’t embrace you. Who are they? The people you must reach to succeed: Folks who don’t know about your product or service, but need it; new members, donors and volunteers; a prospective board member you’ve yet to identify, an elected official who should know your perspective on an issue or bill

Telling people who you are and what you do is the only way to earn that embrace. It is what your communications programs should always be about. And it’s what WHPR’s highly acclaimed Mastering The Media™ Media Management Workshops train you to do.

More than 500 non-profit and advocacy organizations have participated in these workshops that cover the entire spectrum of media management.

Mastering The Media™ Workshops address:

The Basics of Media Management

  • • Advanced Communication Practices
  • • The Ins-and-Outs of Event Marketing
  • • The Ins-and-Outs of Social Media and how to use it effectively
  • • You’ll learn to understand the media and how it works, to frame and pitch stories, create attention grabbing releases, use other tools of the trade and talk to editors.

Beyond these basics we’ll train staff in reactive and proactive crisis communications. They’ll become adept at using “Influence Media”, giving a great interview, creating advocacy campaigns, and talking with top news executives.

We’ll also give you the tools to make an event newsworthy, attention-grabbing and lucrative.