“Weisman & Hamlin…communicate effectively and picked up easily and quickly the specialized knowledge and jargon we employ in the air pollution field….I found their general creative counsel to be particularly helpful. They have more ideas in a day than we could implement in a year.” Lizbeth McDannel, former Deputy Executive Officer/Public Affairs South Coast Air Quality Management District.

“You took this city by storm for our kids. Art In The Park was a magical day that created fantastic awareness for our program….Thanks to the talent and devotion of you both, the lives of children with cancer are better. On behalf of the children and families we serve, thank you for making a difference in a child’s life.” Carol Horvitz, Executive Director, Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times, Los Angeles.

“I wanted to thank you for all that you both have done. The article was wonderful and it scored with schools and parents alike. We have received lots of calls and have been able to schedule more schools and educate more parents.” Pat Hines, Executive Director, Safe Moves, Los Angeles

“Quality public relations, firmly focused on client needs, is a rarity in this day of assembly line mentality, looking for quick fixes, rather than building sound campaigns. Perhaps our needs were not substantial, compared with major consumer product companies, yet your efforts certainly made us feel important, if not more so, than any one of them.” Robert Glaser, President Ecomax, Cleveland, Ohio

“Good Lord, I thought it would be my dying day before I ever thanked a publicist for help on a story. I think it’s smashed into your conscious from your first day in journalism that PR folk are somehow our natural enemies and we should be civil to them, at best….Well that’s pretty stupid. The two of you helped tremendously in getting that story together…So while I may be violating the journalistic code by offering my thanks, I wanted to do so anyway. It was a pleasure working with you and hopefully we’ll have another chance in the future.” Brent Hopkins, former reporter, Los Angeles Daily News

“…We worked closely with WHPR in determine our (news) release strategy. In these discussions, WHPR offered practical input and flexibility to meet our needs….WHPR was thoroughly professional in all aspects of our relationship. They worked independently, but consulted with us frequently…Most importantly, they followed through on doing just what they said they would do. Moreover, David Hamlin and Sydney Weisman are both wonderful, easygoing people with whom to work.” Paul Leonard, Low Income Housing Director, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Washington D.C.