About Us

WHPR – Daring to be different.
The average PR firm is just that: average. They can turn out a decent press release, pitch and sell a story, but very often what you get is product without persuasion, copy without cogency, and a mediocre media strategy. In other words, too much that’s commonplace and not enough creativity.

WHPR applies intellectual discipline to every phase of your campaign and every task within it. We craft copy to be arresting so a sound bite isn’t coy, it’s compelling. Our story pitches focus on both content and context: How the story fits the medium, what points will rouse the media’s curiosity, and why viewers, listeners and readers will be interested.

We use our experience as journalists and marketers to position your news, issue or event so that it demands attention. Best of all we listen and learn – from you, from the media, from your audience. Our solutions aren’t pre-cast – but custom-tailored. We don’t believe in boilerplate or reconstituted strategies. You get fresh thinking, strategic evaluation and senior level experience all along the way.

To see a tangible example of the results of this process, look at our case studies and see how we’ve helped organizations of every size and shape achieve their goals.