Building Influence
    • Communications Strategy & Tactics
    • Media Relations
    • Crisis Communications
    • Advocacy Campaigns
    • Cause Marketing

    Community Outreach
    • Special Events
    • e-Newsletters
    • Social Media
    • Media Campaigns

    Capacity Building
    • Media Training
    • Communications Audits
    • Staff Training
    • Mastering the Media

Building Influence

WHPR campaigns combine strategic planning, exceptional news instincts and smart media placement to deliver the right message, reach the right audience, elevate client stature and generate positive results.

Community Outreach

Nonprofits, associations and business thrive when the communities they serve know who they are and what they do. WHPR draws on a wide range of strategies, tactics and tools to help you speak with your community. Event publicity is used to reinforce marketing, newsletters and social media to put your message in front of high value audiences – with effective outreach, you win friendships and support.

Capacity Building

Understanding the art and science of communication puts you ahead of the competition. WHPR can assess and evaluate your current communications tools and craft a blueprint to enhance them. We can train your staff to manage media, give great interviews, tell – and sell – your story. Our acclaimed Mastering The Media™ workshops have provided practical, expert training in small group settings to thousands of executives including managers, fundraisers, communications staff and board members.